Elizabeth and Thomas are celebrating their one week married mark and I can't help but want to celebrate by blogging their beautiful, garden party wedding. Elizabeth and Thomas are a unique breed, never have I met two people so ready for adventure...whether it's living in Thailand or kayaking and fishing for 12 hours at a time...they're ready for it.

If I had describe them in one word (okay, not just one word, because it's my blog and I make the rules here!), it would be fun-loving and compassionate. They truly let themselves enjoy the day and were dancing until the very last song. Documenting each moment made it that much more special for me, knowing they would be able to look back and reflect on the hilarity, heartfelt goodness of their wedding day FOREVER (how cool is that?!). 

I must also mention they had a macaroni 'n cheese bar during their reception...Liz teased me for being so excited, but, um...a) mac 'n cheese b) just a unique touch to an already awesome party. ;)

Right now they're ending their honeymoon in Puerto Rico and I'm already dying to see what amazing things they did together! Cheers to you, Mr. and Mrs. Mersereau! *click*

Special thank you for to Granberry Hills coordinators Natalie and Courtney for helping the day go smoothly!