So, you're interested in engagement photos? I couldn't recommend them more! They are a great way to spend some quality time together before the big day; they help you and your photographer get to know each other and talk about the final plans for your wedding; they allow you to get some stunning images of you both as a couple saying goodbye to one stage of your relationship before you become Mr & Mrs; but most importantly they allow you to ‘practice’ in front of the camera before your big day meaning you will be sure to get rid of any nerves!

So how do you make it fun, personal and get the most out of it as a couple? Here are my top tips!


If you don’t know where you want your photos taken, let’s talk about it! Think about what makes you tick, as a couple. If you think about what you like to do together, that could inspire something truly unique! I absolutely love shooting at a family farm, a favorite date spot or just somewhere that is truly special to you both. Not everyone has a place like this, so I have lots of ideas for you as well. My favorite places to shoot are natural areas! Remember to dress for the location and consider if there will be a lot of walking involved, type of terrain, mud, tall grass, etc. My style is definitely romantic, fun and sweet so don't be surprised if I ask you to snuggle up in front of the camera. 


  • Do have fun! I want this to be a great experience for both of you! Enjoy your engagement and this is all part of it.
  • Do forget about the camera as much as possible! (I will need to pose you both and give direction, but from there I like to have fun and get those spontaneous moments!)
  • Do trust me! I will do everything I can to make you feel and look your best
  • Do coordinate colors, simple patterns, be yourself– try pairing a simple print with a coordinating solid (Pinterest can be great for wardrobe inspiration)
  • Do plan for hair, makeup, mani and pedi (if you feel like you need it!) You don’t have to have professional hair and makeup, but it’s not a bad idea either. You don’t need tons of extra makeup. I want you to feel flawless and beautiful!
  • Do dress for the current season/weather/location
  • Do press your clothes (iron or steam out any wrinkles)
  • Do bring touchup lip color, tissues for blotting sweat in Texas heat (water is a good idea too!), outfit changes (up to three outfits total!)
  • Do discuss any concerns, wants and do-not-wants prior to the shoot
  • Do let me know of anything you need me to know. Not kissing until your I-do’s? No problem! But it’s best if I know this ahead of time.
  • Do bring your dog(s)! If you want to include your dogs in some, bring someone who can wrangle them when we don’t need them
  • Props... I do my best to stay away from the cheesy side of photography. However, if it’s something that makes sense for you, I would love to see how we can use it! A quilt your Gran made for you, a guitar, something with your wedding date if you are sending save-the-dates…I don’t think those type of things are cheesy if we can use them properly! I wouldn’t go heavy on props and don’t overthink it. If you plan on bringing something, let me know!

Do Not (please)

  • Do not wear matching outfits, same colors or overly bright colors. Bright red, orange, bright yellow, bright green and hot pink are the harshest; in a very sunny afternoon, the colors will actually reflect that color onto your skin. (Yikes!)
  • Guys, do not wear a solid white shirt. Ladies, if you have a white dress you love, go for it! Off white is much better than bright white though!
  • Do not wear flip flops
  • Do not wear fine stripes or other very small patterns. They just look strange in photos.

After Your Session

About a week after your session, you should receive an email with a link to see your session. Keep in mind that you can order prints straight from your gallery (and its shareable, too, so you can pass it along to mom and dad.)